Wednesday, July 14, 2004

New Dog, New Couch, New Word

Email from the missus:

This morning on the way to K--* I was talking to Lucie about the possibility of leaving Roxy** out of her crate tomorrow morning, and how the worst thing that could happen is that she would pee on the couch***. Lucie said, "If Roxy pee on the couch, Daddy will be fucking mad."

[mea culpa, I can't help myself it's such a useful word at least I've taught her something]

I said yes, that is true, then explained about "cussing" and "foul" language and how some people (such as Nana and Papa and other people's parents) would be really upset to hear her say that word, so she should not use it around anybody but us. She said, "Don't worry, Mama,**** I won't."

I hope I handled that situation correctly.


*L's daycare: a really good one--not named "kinder" or "kiddie" anything--but what an antiseptic term for the odious modern social necessity of paying people to simulate a loving family while the actual loving parents rent themselves in exchange for survival.

**new dog--see below.

***new, beautiful, first actual piece of quality, made by decently paid North Carolinians non-thrift-store-hand-me-down-composite-board-Ikea-wannabe furniture I've ever owned--precipitated by the masticating proclivities of aforementioned dog rendering lame my $75 flea market orange vinyl couch so I suppose I should thank the bitch for that.

****This word lately being included after almost every other clause in speech to her mother--pronounced with emphasis on the second syllable and a slight 'n' consonance at the end like the French girl we secretly wish she were because that would make us French too: a relief from these ugly American times.


Blogger goliard said...

nice. she's so pretty. and the little girl too.*


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