Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bolton For The Exits (Letters From a Crank Vol I Issue#2)

Dear Nice Folks:

Got another empty earful this morning about that allegedly Nasty Man and the troubles with his confirmation as UN ambassador. This story was just like all the rest: namely, that the main problem with Bolton's nomination is that he is really, really mean to his subordinates, and that he demands pre-programmed results without regard to facts or principle. Hell, if that were enough to give someone the boot from a government job, Karl Rove would be working at White Castle instead of that other White establishment.

The funny thing is, in your copious reporting, I have yet to hear anyone mention what I--and admittedly, I am insignificant--would consider Bolton's most salient shortcoming for the postion: His relentless hostility to the very institution and its ideals.

Your coverage seems to me a bit like if Bush had nominated a member of Hamas to be ambassador to Israel and you reported that opposition consisted primarily of claims that he yelled at his subordiates about the color of their keffiyehs.

Keep on Schmuckin',

name and address withheld


Anonymous AJC said...

So perhaps this is more evidence that NPR sells product just like the rest of 'em - their target demographic already doesn't agree with Bolton's attitudes about the UN, so the only item that will keep the radios tuned is that Bolton will kick your dog and otherwise behave badly. We all love hearing about people behaving badly. Yes, we should receive from the media a cleaner hit [working a CDS metaphor here], because that's what we think we paid for, but it's always going to be cut with some worthless bullshit. And, somehow, that's what we accept as acceptable market fare, because we feel good anyway. 'News junkies', the typical ones, take what they are given, rather than sift the substantive from the filler; NPR's streetcorner may have a queue of listeners who vote differently, but they are dealing all the same.

10:25 AM  

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