Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jesus H. Christ

Cross at WTC

“We are all anxious for some type of God’s presence,” said the Rev. Brian Jordan, who dedicated it.

While not exactly the virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich, it's miraculous, really. I'm glad they're finding it a good, permanent home. What else could a bit of WTC rubble consisting of two beams connected at right angles possibly mean except a message from our team's god?

So, why aren't the pious asking why, if God bothered to leave his calling card at ground zero, couldn't he have, you know, come by a little earlier? Why is this "cross" a symbol of his loving presence and not his malevolence?


Anonymous bakerina said...

C., I could kiss you for this -- in a totally upright, Mrs. C. JoDI-approved way, of course. I remember reading that WTC shrine article when the New York Post published it, and it made me want to break furniture. It also made me think of that mining disaster in Pennsylvania that happened not long after the 9/11/01 attacks. When the miners were rescued, a New York Times reporter was in town and a local woman told him that "this is proof that God answers prayers. Prayer works." Now, even I am not so churlish as to begrudge anyone their very real joy at a potentially horrifying situation ending happily, but I still thought, shit, I'm sure there were a *lot* of unanswered prayers on That Day in September. Maybe we weren't doing it right?

I realize I sound just the tiniest bit bitter, here.

I'll leave you with the kind of religious opportunism I like, and I'm betting that you do, too: When I was in Arkansas two summers ago, I saw a family, including a little boy of about five or six, walking through town. Little boy unwraps the paper bag he is carrying, pulls out a piece of chocolate fudge and begins chowing down. Mom turns around, sees him eating, and lets loose. "Jace, what did I just say to you about no fudge until after lunch?" Kid answers, quickly, "Jesus wants me to have it now." I decide that Jace is my kind of Christian. :)

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