Tuesday, December 06, 2005

That's, Like, So Gay

Aravosis and crew over at Americablog have their letter-writing panties in a wad about something that just doesn't strike me as worth my bile: Apparently Ford Motor Co. has bowed to pressure from Dobson's clowns at the AFA and pulled their ads from gay publications such as the Advocate.

True, it's disappointing that Ford would even give those morons the time of day, but then again, they're a giant corporation that exists solely to sell as much shit as possible and so they apparently think they'll sell more monster trucks (perhaps their only profitable line) to homophobes and rednecks than to the Fire Island set. But is it really worth the time to undertake a campaign for what amounts to the right to be advertised to? "Dammit, we demand to see advertisements for Land Rovers and Excursions in our niche-market magazines!"

As they say, one ought pick one's battles wisely.


Anonymous goliard said...

you say 'homophobes or rednecks'- as if they can't be both at once...

2:29 PM  

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