Saturday, September 13, 2008

They Live

K and I were looking at the section of our yard that we've decided to let become a mushroom patch, and which previously hosted a small colony of chanterelles until a horrible hard-raking debacle courtesy of K's wanting-to-be-helpful father (who really is incredibly helpful) a couple of years ago. Today we were lamenting the demise of the chanterelles when K spotted this:

Cue chorus of "Hallelujah".


Anonymous Emily said...

That's exciting! What do you like to make with chanterelles? We're hosting a chanterelle mushroom recipe contest and would love to have you enter a recipe. The prize is 2 lbs. of fresh chanterelles (that would hold you over until more popped up in your patch) and a set of biodegradable plates. Check out the contest at

7:15 PM  

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